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Beauty to ashses

WhatsApp Bild 2023-09-09 um
Incineration art 
WhatsApp Bild 2023-09-14 um 18.37_edited
WhatsApp Bild 2023-09-16 um 09.13_edited

Real ash from a real guitar

WhatsApp Bild 2023-09-16 um 09.13_edited
WhatsApp Bild 2023-09-05 um 16.36.58.jpg
WhatsApp Bild 2023-09-07 um 16.11_edited.jpg
WhatsApp Bild 2023-09-07 um 18.29_edited.jpg

More Art and live shows soon

WhatsApp Bild 2023-09-09 um 22.41.03.jpg

Slide show


I always loved drawing, painting and sketching ever since I was a little boy. Over the years the volume of art I created was only matched by the careless attitude I had towards it. Often I simply gave it away or discarded it.

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