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Bookings on request

I have been performing as a solo artist, in bands, as well as in TV and theaters since 1996 

Over the years I have composed countless originals and learned hundreds of cover songs in a large variety of styles







Singer songwriter



and many of their sub-genres

Upon request I can do a concert tailored to your specific requirements and learn requested songs for your event


Nowdays I use playbacks with live guitar and vocals to create a full band sound while remaining a one-man show

Price list

Concert = 300.- minimum

includes 3x 45 minutes performance

no more than 0ne hour drive in each direction

hat collection must be guaranteed or a supplement of 100.- will be added 

Other tarifs

Set = 45 minutes

  1. Per set                                                   120.- 

  2. 30 min drive from and to location           15.-

  3. Setup, lights, PA, Soundcheck 
     (if not provided by host).                       40.-

  4. Special requests per song                     10.-

  5. Gatherings, private parties, 

      company events, weddings etc              500.-   

For smaller restaurants, bars and parties with low budget, the booking minimum is two sets plus transport and PA setup


These prices are guidelines and slightly negotiable. Please ask in advance to get your personalized quote. Performances must be paid for in full upon due date per twint or cash, at the very latest by the end of the performance

Bank transfer is only accepted if the payment is on my account one day prior to the concert or it will be regarded as not paid. Then the payment must be made in cash and the bank transfer will be reimbursed. 

screenshots of paypal bank transfer etc are not accepted as proof of payment


Cancellations must be made minimum five working days in advance or a fee of 80% percent of the total sum will be charged to you with the exception of

  1. death

  2. natural disasters

  3. war 


Should I become sick or injured I will reimburse any already recieved payments limited to the event. If so wished we will find another date to perform. This is the limit of my liability towards you

Any further liability is catagorically rejected


You must ensure that your audience does not engage in dangerous behaviour and secure the stage to prevent the following

  1. Climbing on the stage

  2. Grabbing microphones or other equipment

  3. spilling of drinks on the equipment

Should damage to my equipment occure because of negligence you will be charged the total cost of replacement and any loss of income should the damages be so severe that other performances must be cancelled 


You are not allowed to change the location of the concert without inquiry as to if this is possible. Changes in price may occur


Upon hiring me, you agree to all the above terms and conditions 


Lets Rock!       


Musicians against Price Dumping

All below listed gigs canceled due to
inadequate wages

Price Dumping

Fuck playing gigs for existence minimum

This is why it’s impossible to make a living in Switzerland as a professional musician on a small scale. Because people think you will come and perform for the same salary as someone working night shift in a ware house

300.- Brutto for 8.5hrs of work and I pay my own diesel and mileage on my vehicle? I don’t think so…

I’d honestly rather work from home and sell my books than risk my expensive equipment getting beer poured over it like last Friday…

This is a contractor changing venues at the last minute expecting me to drive two hours in each direction and play for three hours… Plus the time to set up and sound check etc… So probably more like 9 hours of actual presence (work time)

So as a veteran musician of 27 years I would get a salary of laughable 28.2 Swiss Francs an hour to work until 2 am. Lol… I could drive as a delivery man during the night and make more than that for 8.5 hours of work without spending my own money on top of it


"hey Phil, hello

this week on 17.11 you will perform at ................... not in Basel , here is the address of ......................................

everything is the same except the place... arrival time, soundcheck, starting time... all is the same…" (Salary 300)



Hi that is very far, can we pls negotiate 350 like i originally asked for? Otherwise i spend near 60 just for expenses and normally my starting fee is 500. I can kinda compensate with passing the hat but until now ive managed to only make around 100 to 150 extra on the hat. So im still working for much less than normal. Altogether with loading the vehicule, driving, setup, performance and drive home this is minimum 7hrs of work which is a lot for 300.- I think i do a good show and its worth it for you guys


unfortunately I can't do anything Phil, then let's cancel this weeks' concert at Basel and Dietikon, regarding next one I will let you know


If its going to be like that then i regret to inform i cannot work under these conditions with the constant changing of venues and dates. This is not professional. Cordial regards


It's up to you then, you can cancel it


So i will not play at all anymore unless i receive guaranteed 350 plus hat and guaranteed dates without change and written contract


ok, then in this case we are canceling it


Good luck


Thank you, you too

The Auld Dubliner 

Clarastrasse Basel





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