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Since 2020 I have tried everything to bring child abusers to justice. The statutes of limitations harms us victims and rewards their abusers. It's time to make this right. Help me now to do the work necessary to ensure that no child abuser will ever go unpunished you can donate directly or buy something from my shop to help me with tremendous amount of work necessary. I am self-employed, father of three children and I cannot do this without your help

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The struggle to survive.

The struggle to survive.

The struggle to survive.
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SRF 10 vor 10 Interview with Philip Seibel

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Criminal Charges

Philip Seibel

Emmental, Switzerland


Public Prosecutor's Office

Volgersweg 67

30175 Hanover




Excerpts from the criminal complaint of 2020, against my parents.

Acts of rape, corporal punishment and sexual conduct with myself and other children.


When I was just under 2 years old, my parents immigrated to India. At that time they were already members of the cult "Children of God". Later also known as "The Family of Love" "The Family" and until today "The Family International" or short "TFI".

The frequent change of names of the "Children of God" or "The Children of God" (COG) took place because of the many criminal lawsuits and prosecutions against the cult and its leaders worldwide.


My earliest memories of India were bad.

There was almost never cold water to drink, as everything had to be boiled. I remember being thirsty so often that I drank the hot water before it could cool. Since my parents had little money, meals were often skimped on or skipped altogether. I was brutally beaten with the belt and other objects for the slightest offense. Later, when my brother was barely one year old, he was also beaten with the belt when he spit out food, cried, or the like.

Before the chastisement we always had to strip completely naked. Stefan grabbed my genitals every time. I thought nothing of it at the time, I thought this was normal.

When Stefan washed me, there were repeated sexual acts with me.

I remember when I was very small....

I was lying on my back and Stefan lifted my legs in the air. He is naked. He smiled down at me and said something like "You are such a beautiful doll..."


Once my mother came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her hair. Otherwise, she was also naked, as was common in those days.

I will never forget her look. She looked at me as if she was very angry with me. I was confused, I thought I was doing something bad.

I heard her say, "That's disgusting".

Stefan said, "What's disgusting about it? I am making love to my son as the prophet teaches us," or something like that.

Stefan let go of me and went back into the bathroom. I remember that I immediately went to my mother and hugged her. I asked her what I did wrong and she wiped a tear from her eye and said to me in English, "Nothing, you did nothing wrong."

My parents spoke almost only German to each other when I was little. To me they spoke English but I understood relatively much of what they said in German. It wasn't until I was 8 or 9 years old that I completely forgot German.

Often in the morning Stefan would read the Bible and ask me to stimulate "It". My hand was not enough to reach around "It." He would command me in English how to do it, "Slowly", "Don't pull down so far" and that kind of thing. Sometimes he would sit me on his penis to use my butt cheeks to stimulate himself. Sometimes he would force it further.

I remember that happening occasionally in the bathroom too. I would play with my yellow duck and he would sit in the water with me and "play" with me.

My mother did not think this was "good" according to my memory. Stefan often did this when my mother was not present.

My mother, however, was anything but innocent. She often put her hand on my penis before sleeping or tried to stimulate me orally. It hurt quite a bit at first and I remember seeing that my penis was bleeding. I would try to push it away and say "Mama it hurts".

She would say "Don't worry, you will learn to like it."

According to my memories, I was raped several times by Stefan und I was around five or perhaps six years old. Even while he was chastising me, he would touch my genitals. This happened frequently until I was about thirteen. Often he would lock himself in the bathroom afterwards and masturbate. I saw this with my own eyes because I dared to look through the keyhole.

But my mother also had sex with me. Only "gays, homosexual acts" she found to be "not ok".


Scenarios like the following happened in everyday life.


Stefan called me into my parents' bedroom and told me to come to him on the bed. We prayed together and then he told me something like "I know you like to make love with me and your mother. There are evil people who do not want to give us this freedom. They don't believe in Jesus and they will try to take you away from your mother and me or kidnap you if they find out we are making love to each other..." more details in the above video.

Often we were asked to have sex with other children. My mother or Stefan would make us tents out of our bunk beds with sheets. We were then "paired" with girls of the same age.

Such events were even listed in the calendar under "Sharing Nights." Otherwise, our lives as children were characterized by hard work, witnessing, begging, singing on the streets, and cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry.

Sometimes an adult would come into the tent to ask if everything was all right. Sometimes the adult would ask me to step aside so he could show me how to "satisfy" the girl. Such events were also recorded by means of photos and videos.

Facts of torture (According to the plaintiff).

Throughout my childhood, severe punishments for the smallest offenses were common. Often it was enough to say that you didn't like something, to contradict an adult, or to be caught in a lie.

Serious offenses were: theft, publicly doubting the faith or calling Moses David a liar, blasphemy, and so on.

For such offenses, one could receive the following punishments.

One's mouth was taped shut with industrial tape so that one could not speak. From morning till night one had to walk around like that. One was not allowed to have contact with other children (because of poisonous ideas) and had to eat, work, wash dishes, etc. alone.

It was not unusual for punishments to be combined.

Once in a fit of rage I yelled, "I hate all of you, I hate Jesus, Grandpa, I hate this place."

I was barely 6 then, in this combo home in New Delhi. It had like a courtyard in the middle of the building. It was covered with arched plastic. When it rained, the sound was scary and loud.

Anyway, the courtyard was lined with columns around long tables where the more than a hundred cult members could dine.

My punishment for the above crime was as follows. They tied my hands around one of these pillars. I had my pants and underpants pulled down in front of the whole, breakfasting roommates. Then I was whipped at least 10 times with a leather belt. Probably much more than that. I collapsed from the pain. Even my mother screamed that they were going too far.

Afterwards, I was denied breakfast.

My mouth was then taped shut.

I was left alone to do the dishes by hand for over a hundred people and was then ordered to do one hard job after another for the rest of the day.

When I took off the tape that I had put over my mouth because I couldn't breathe, I was beaten repeatedly and my punishment time was increased by up to a week.

I had to eat alone and my meals consisted of only bread and water

I had to wear a wooden yoke around my neck in addition to the taped mouth with the inscription:

"I am on silence restriction. Do not talk to me."

Such punishments, exorcisms and forced labor were normal for me until I was 13 years old.

Over many years, I have laboriously searched for other victims who can confirm my story. Who were also personally humiliated, tortured and sexually abused by Stefan. After my ex-communication from the cult, I was vehemently denied any contact with other children still living in the cult. Many children and adults in the cult also used false names. That is why it took me decades to come across other victims by chance.


I still suffer from the consequences of this abuse today. When I was a teenager, my parents left Switzerland to immigrate to Africa. Thus, they did not fulfill their obligations to support me. They registered me with people I didn't even know in order to avoid punishment. Although they knew that I lived in Bern (CH), they reported me as missing to Interpol and thanks to them I had to be remanded in custody as a minor because Stefan did not give me my passport and identity card. My parents did not care if I lived or died. I was a traitor. They told my siblings that I was vomit in God's eyes.

I have panic attacks, nightmares and depression to this day. I was hospitalized for 6 months after I tried to drink myself to death.

I suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder to this day that will never heal.



My parents, as well as many other child molesters who committed crimes in the cult, are unpunished to this day.

Child abusers
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