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Complete collection coming soon

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Jabo the Groove Pirate

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The Strictly So recordings are available on this website only. You can listen to them for free and also purchase them.

These music titles have taken years to develop. It has cost me over five figures in equipment, man hours, research, learning programs, midi as well as composing, writing and performing. This project started in 2016. Only recently have I felt good enough about the development of my sound that I have started putting tracks up for sale.

I write and record music because I love to do so. That's it. Each recording, from start to finish is created entirely by myself. Some guest musicians add performances such as vocals or guitar etc on occasion

I do not receive subvention, I've paid for all my equipment out of pocket over years of saving money

Support your local musicians, we don't get nearly enough pay

Thankyou for reading

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A Journey to the depths of the unknown

Strictly So is an entity, a living thing. It breathes moves and has its own unique consciousness through the sounds and people that create its form
A stroke of a brush, a splash of a wave
The moment is captured in its beauty
Strictly So is a moment of essence. It can never be altered it can never be changed. This moment is
Strictly So




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